Avivo crash in xf86MapPciMem (X1950Pro 512M) and CRT blanking

Robert Tate wrtate at users.sourceforge.net
Sat Jul 28 13:05:29 PDT 2007

The gzipped radeondumps are attached.  Also with respect to the crashing problem, I forgot to mention that the line "avivo->fb_size = INREG(RADEON_CONFIG_MEMSIZE);" set fb_size to 536870912 (512M), but fglrx only reports 256M.


On Sat, Jul 28, 2007 at 02:59:16PM -0500, Robert Tate wrote:
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> From: Jerome Glisse <glisse at freedesktop.org>
> Date: Jul 28, 2007 6:28 AM
> Subject: Re: Avivo crash in xf86MapPciMem (X1950Pro 512M) and CRT blanking
> To: Robert Tate <wrtate at users.sourceforge.net>
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> Robert Tate wrote:
> > Last night, I tried the latest version of the AVIVO driver from git with
> my Powercolor-branded X1950Pro w/512M video RAM.  It triggered an almost
> instant system reset, which unfortunately left nothing useful in the
> logs.  Using GDB, I tracked the reset to inside the call to xf86MapPciMem at
> avivo.c line 178.  I noticed lspci only reported 256M for the address range
> the video card was using so I modified avivo.c near line 400 to limit the
> memory to 256M and the reset problem was resolved.  (The VideoRam
> xorg.confoption did not have any effect on this problem.)  I've
> attached a copy of
> the "lspci -vvv" output and hope it can aid in the creation of a correct
> fix.
> >
> > Once I limited it to 256M, X would start but it put my (older) CRT monitor
> into a power save state (or gave it a mode it couldn't handle).  When I
> connected my wife's LCD monitor prior to starting X it would work correctly
> even if I switched back to the CRT (both use 15-pin VGA connectors).  I
> believe this is in part because the CRT doesn't provide EDID
> information.  I'm a bit confused by what I see in the log when I start X
> with the CRT connected, it has a message about configuring crtc(0) for
> 1152x768, but all those modes are rejected above; there's also a message for
> crtc(1) in 1024x768 but it's a single-headed configuration.  (When the LCD
> is connected there's only messages for crtc(0) in 1024x768.)  I've attached
> the log files...
> >
> > Thanks for the help (and all the hard work),
> >
> > Robert
> >
> >
> I need radeondump of both situation as it should work in both case
> git clone git://people.freedesktop.org/~glisse/radeondump
> cmake . && make
> plug crt start x with avivo
> ./radeondump -d crtblanked
> plug lcd start x with avivo
> ./radeondump -d lcdconnected
> You need to be root. Then send me both files.
> best,
> Jerome Glisse
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