SDVO/ADD2 TV out - yes or no?

Nicolas Will nico at
Sun Jul 29 15:26:03 PDT 2007

Hello xorg list,

My little project is back on track, I finished testing software from
Redmond, and it left a bad taste.

I am back on track with a proper OS and community. I am asking for
support on various aspects of my HTMC project, and I am glad to be on
that side of the fence.

In order to get a recent version of Xorg and driver, I decided to use
the Ubuntu development release, Gutsy. After all, I am not a complete
newbie, I can survive rough times, and I know how to use bug tracking
systems. I could even help a bit!

Gutsy brings me:

X Window System Version 1.3.0
Release Date: 19 April 2007

(II) Loading /usr/lib/xorg/modules/drivers//
(II) Module intel: vendor="X.Org Foundation"
        compiled for 1.3.0, module version = 2.1.0
        Module class: X.Org Video Driver
        ABI class: X.Org Video Driver, version 1.2

I have posted my xorg.conf and Xorg.0.log there:

How does it look on the HDMI/SDVO front?

I hope I will have the proper TV next week and go from theory to


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