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Jeremy C. Reed reed at
Tue Jul 31 07:25:23 PDT 2007

I am trying to build a list (maybe top ten) of the most significant 
improvements to I want to write this for an article targeted to 
non-developers, so just for X users.

Please let me know what you think are the most important changes. Also 
mention the features or what is significant about it for the end user.

Here are few I found from looking at release notes:

6.7.0 added IPv6 support

6.8.0 added new extensions: XFixes and Damage. (Also Composite and XEvIE 
but not enabled)

6.8.0 includes Xdmx (distributed multihead server)

6.8.0 improved Xprint support

6.8.1 XTT font module and FreeType 1 retired

6.8.1 Infrastructure for rotation support in drivers (what does this 

6.8.1 Enable or disable extensions from command line or using 
configuration file.

7.0 first in modular series

7.0 EXA is a new accleration architecture to replace XAA (what does this 
mean for the end-user?)

7.0 updated PCI scanning (what does this mean for end user?)

7.0 inproved XBD data and layouts

Does have a wiki or do you know of any other article that summarizes's most significant changes?

  Jeremy C. Reed

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