Intel 965GM and missing exensions

Sewall, Jason jason.sewall at
Tue Jul 31 15:29:33 PDT 2007



I've got a new Lenovo X61 laptop with the 965GM chipset in it and I've
installed FC7. The version of the video driver that Fedora supplied
wasn't that great (fuzzy screen, segfault in gl apps) but after hitting
up the git repos for mesa, drm, and the intel driver and compiling,
those problems were fixed... almost.


I'm apparently missing the Xvideo, Xsync, and Xshape extansions. I don't
know what's going on, but Beryl complains and refuses to start and other
apps gripe too. 


Any thoughts? I'm happy to provide any information you might need - I'm
not very familiar with the internals of Xorg but I'm willing to learn!




P.S. Yes, I work for Intel - but I figured that this problem must be
affecting others, so why not make the discussion public?


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