Support of Mobility Radeon X1400 (avivo)

Tobias Neumann tobias.neumann at
Tue Jul 31 18:16:54 PDT 2007

Thomas Glanzmann wrote:

> Hello,
> I tried your patch on my t60s ATI mobility radeon x1400 and all I get is
> broken screen. But if I move the mouse, I see the X cross.
> I saw some segmentation faults in the gl module maybe related to the
> binary ati driver I have installed on my system. How can I disable gl at
> all it seems that the new Xorg loads the module even if it is not listed
> in the Xorg.conf. My Xorg.conf is at:
> I am really grateful when this driver works with xv support so that I
> can get rid of the binary ati driver.
>         Thomas

when trying avivo from git (Tue Jul 24) on my T60 I get some color 
flicker, then a black screen and I have to hard reset the machine.

No Xorg.log is saved, probably because of the total crash.


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