Waiting for vertical refresh on Intel 965 and 945 chips in recent git

Simon Farnsworth simon.farnsworth at onelan.co.uk
Fri Jun 8 01:41:25 PDT 2007

Simon Farnsworth wrote:
> Michel Dänzer wrote:
>> I guess the simplest solution for you right now would be to disable the
>> code in the intel driver that disables the vblank interrupts.
> Any idea where I should look in the intel driver? Even just knowing
> whether it's the DRI driver or the X driver I need to hack would be helpful.
Following up on myself; I've found the want_vblank_interrupts variable
in xf86-video-intel; I'm assuming that changing the
I830DRITransitionTo2d function to set this variable to false and update
DRI will be enough.
Simon Farnsworth

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