intel driver will only compile with gcc

Kristian Høgsberg krh at
Tue Jun 12 17:07:30 PDT 2007

On 6/12/07, Kean Johnston <kean at> wrote:
> > I am, quite honestly, extremely insulted that you'd suggest otherwise.
> I didn't. I am well aware of Sun's contributions and I have read Alan's
> explainations many times. I was making mention of the recent trend away
> from "openness", and the all-embracing attitude that used to prevail.
> Nothing more, so please do not be insulted for none was intended.
> If you want "proof" of how much less "open" has become, try this.
> Look at the list of supported platforms for the 6.x series. Look at the
> supported platform list for the 7.x series. Spot the difference?

I think you're mistaking "open" for "portable" here.  Another fun
exercise is to look at the list of platforms supported by 6.x and see
how many of those you can get your hands on today and actually get
running on modern, available hardware.  And for those where you can,
ask yourself, is it worth it?  Note, I'm not dismissing your specific
platform, just saying portability over anything, is a pretty misguided
design principle, and will certainly have a negative impact on code


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