ATI and RandR 1.2

Alberto Milone albertomilone at
Wed Jun 20 07:30:21 PDT 2007

Dan Nicholson wrote:
> randr-1.2 is a remote branch, and git won't make a local branch of
> that name by default. Try
> $ git checkout -b randr-1.2 origin/randr-1.2
> That will give you a local branch named randr-1.2 based on the
> upstream randr-1.2. If you plan on following upstream development and
> have git-1.5.x, you may want to add the --track option:
> $ git checkout --track -b randr-1.2 origin/randr-1.2
> That means running git-pull will automatically merge in changes in the
> upstream randr-1.2 into your local branch just like origin/master ->
> master. You can see this in .git/config. If you don't plan on
> committing anything, you can just do
> $ git checkout origin/randr-1.2
> but git won't be that happy about it since it's not a local branch.
> -- 
> Dan

Thank you very much. I did "git checkout --track -b randr-1.2
origin/randr-1.2" and now XRandR uses RandR 1.2.



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