X Server setup on ARM Board with PCI VGA card

Rupesh Kumar a.rupesh.k at gmail.com
Thu Nov 1 01:51:01 PDT 2007

> > Does a VGA card run without running its VGA BIOS.
> Yes if you have complete enough documentation on how to configure the
> hardware and bring it up. For some video chipsets this is in the public
> domain for a lot of others it is not.

Thanks for your reply.
Does this mean that X Server runs the BIOS of the VGA Cards if the card is
secondary display adapter.

X.org also contains an x86 emulator which may help, but if the BIOS
> itself uses legacy vga ranges to configure the chip that might not help.

If the card is working as secondary Display adapter Even its BIOS will not
use the VGA Address range as it is already reserved by the primary display
adapter Am I correct?

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