input dynapro, SC4, jumping output cords

Felix Obenhuber lists at
Thu Nov 1 06:53:12 PDT 2007


I'd like to get my Dynapro SC4 touchscreen controller to work, but there's an
issue I don't how to handle.

some background:
the controller is connected to a 4 wire 3M touchscreen (10,4 inches) via a
serial port. Xorg server 7.1.0 is used ( taken from Debian Etch). Input power is
supplied by an external 12V source and configured by J1. Dumping the input work
without any issues.

The input device section for the ts follows:

Section "InputDevice"
        Identifier "touchscreen0"
        Option "Device"         "/dev/ttyS0"
        Driver "dynapro"
        Option "Type" "Finger"
        Option "BaudRate" "9600"
        Option "MinX" "1023"
        Option "MaxX" "31"
        Option "MinY" "66"
        Option "MaxY" "1010"
        Option "SendCoreEvents" "True"

Serial port settings:

somehost:~# stty -F /dev/ttyS0 -a 
speed 9600 baud; rows 0; columns 0; line = 0;
intr = ^C; quit = ^\; erase = ^?; kill = ^U; eof = ^D; eol = <undef>; eol2 =
<undef>; swtch = <undef>; start = ^Q; stop = ^S; susp = ^Z; rprnt = ^R; werase =
^W; lnext = ^V; flush = ^O; min = 3; time = 1; -parenb -parodd cs8 hupcl -cstopb
cread clocal -crtscts -ignbrk -brkint -ignpar -parmrk -inpck -istrip -inlcr
-igncr -icrnl -ixon -ixoff -iuclc -ixany -imaxbel -iutf8 -opost -olcuc -ocrnl
onlcr -onocr -onlret -ofill -ofdel nl0 cr0 tab0 bs0 vt0 ff0 -isig -icanon
-iexten -echo echoe echok -echonl -noflsh -xcase -tostop -echoprt echoctl echoke

Due there's no usable calibration tool for this controller type, I've added some
debug prints to the dynapro input driver. Taking the minimal and maximal values
for reported x and y values (of course before scaling to screen resolution) I
got the needed calibration values. The values (see above) are somehow equal to
the defaults - so I expect them to be correct.

Fine so far, but the coordinates reported to X from the driver jitter around the
whole screen resolution. Touching (almost) the same position generates xy values
randomly spread the screen.

Searching the web for the story about xorg/xfree4 with a SC4 remained without

Electrical issue? Configuration? Serial port?

Thanks for comments and suggestions!



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