Need help solving Xorg slowness.

Ray Van Dolson rayvd at
Thu Nov 1 09:52:49 PDT 2007

> > I am going to get some additional oprofile dumps on this.  Initial ones
> > show _very_ heavey calls to memcpy() when resizing Windows, changing
> > tabs in Firefox, etc.
> The problem is that RENDER acceleration hasn't been implemented for R300
> class cards (or in the nv driver).

Ah.  I'll check to see if there's a bz on this and try and join in to
help with testing.

Alternately, is any work being done on this in your dev/git code?  Am
useless on the coding side for the most part, but am happy to do
testing and bug reporting.

Thanks much for the reply.

Incidentally, due to another subscriber's suggestions I added a Module
section to my xorg.conf file and included modules explicitly there.
Resizing performance in Xorg is now much less sluggish, but it's still
a little weird.  Widgets in the toolbars are slightly different looking
(edges don't seem to be rounded), and when I alt-tab the contents of
Windows as I tab through are solid black until I release alt-tab.

I guess this is better performance-wise than before, but still not like
my nvidia card.

I'll read up on the render stuff you mention to try and get a better
understanding.  Any links to bugs/threads would be appreciated!


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