[Patch] i915gm: framebuffer compression+tiling on exa

Pierre Willenbrock pierre at pirsoft.de
Thu Nov 1 11:45:43 PDT 2007

Hi list,

i am using latest git of xserver, xf86-video-intel, drm and mesa. Since
the merge of bufferobjects and support code into drm and
xf86-video-intel, i was unable to use tiling. After looking at bug
#12994 i found that i tried to disable framebuffer compression by
disabling the option "Compression" instead of "FramebufferCompression",
so i tried again, and found that i could use either framebuffer
compression or tiling, but not both.

Digging deeper into the driver sources, i found #define FBC_CTL_FENCENO,
which was not used anywhere. So i tried adding the fence number of my
frambuffer(3) to the FBC control register, which made the FBC and tiling
work at the same time. A patch is attached.

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