Error compiling libraries - PKG_CHECK_MODULES

John Beales evaluations at
Sat Nov 3 16:17:15 PDT 2007


I'm pretty new to building stuff myself - and to xorg products, but I
have a problem that I haven't been able to solve with my own detective

I'm trying to make a minimal build of Xvfb, and have run into problems
when running the configure file for several libraries.

Here's an example, with libXau.
I run ./configure

it runs partway, then I get this error:
./configure: line 19797: syntax error near unexpected token `[XAU],'
./configure: line 19797: `PKG_CHECK_MODULES(XAU, xproto)'

I tried updating pkg-config to the latest version - with no luck.
Also, I tried changing the syntax of line 19797 to
PKG_CHECK_MODULES([XAU], [xproto]) like it shows in the README file
for pkg-config - again no luck.

I'm running FedoraCore 6 if it matters - I'm not too sure.

Thanks a lot in advance.


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