intel 855: crash after playing xv and vt switch - reg dumps

Willi Mann foss-ml at
Sun Nov 4 02:58:40 PST 2007


As follow-up to the second issue described in

I have uploaded intel_reg_dumper output to

	X server started
	logged in (kdm)
	should be the same as above
	now I'm playing video with mplayer -vo xv
	stopped mplayer
	switched to vt 1, this kills X (SEGFAULT in xserver code as result of
lockup) and kdm restarts X, so the dump is with X (kdm) on display
	switched to vt 1 again, which presents a black screen

The most notable difference seems to be the difference between before
playing video with mplayer and after.

$ diff -u reg_dump_x-after-login2.dump reg_dump_x-after-playing-xv.dump
--- reg_dump_x-after-login2.dump        2007-11-04 11:29:06.000000000 +0100
+++ reg_dump_x-after-playing-xv.dump    2007-11-04 11:30:16.000000000 +0100
@@ -45,7 +45,7 @@
 (II):             HBLANK_A: 0x033f027f (640 start, 832 end)
 (II):              HSYNC_A: 0x02bf0297 (664 start, 704 end)
 (II):             VTOTAL_A: 0x020701df (480 active, 520 total)
-(II):             VBLANK_A: 0x020701e8 (489 start, 520 end)
+(II):             VBLANK_A: 0x020701df (480 start, 520 end)
 (II):              VSYNC_A: 0x01ea01e8 (489 start, 491 end)
 (II):            BCLRPAT_A: 0x00000000
 (II):         VSYNCSHIFT_A: 0x00000000

I'm running xf86-video-intel master as pulled today. I hope that helps
to resolve the issue. I can provide more info if required.


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