Modular build: failing at libxcb, libX11 ...

Jens Stroebel dr-xorg at
Tue Nov 6 06:24:37 PST 2007

			Hi all.

We are building the xorg parts from git, basically using the
script from util/modular/.
Because we'd like to create packages, we'd be happy to use the DESTDIR
method which

a) makes packaging easier
b) allows a living installation of xorg to remain undisturbed by the build

We slice the xorg build into 4 parts (xorg-libs, xorg-server, xorg-fonts
and xorg-drivers).

While the other parts have no problem with DESTDIR, the build of
xorg-libs has. It fails first in libxcb (which is pretty simple to fix
by giving an environment variable to the make of it) then in libX11
(which gets caused by libtool trying to find *.la files in $PREFIX/lib
instead of $DESTDIR/$PREFIX/lib). We didn't continue at that point and
are using another method for xorg-libs ATM.

Is this avoidable somehow?

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