Who has more info about the jpeglib ?

zhengyi goodmenzy at gmail.com
Thu Nov 8 01:31:01 PST 2007

It seems that it's a widely uesd lib.
But the latest version was in 1998 !
Any one know more info about this lib?
I can't find any mail-list about IJG,
and the FAQ is very very old.

Who can tell me whether IJG is living or died?
The jpeglib use C runtime FILE* as IO and error
reporting mechanism.

But I think it will be more flexable to 
use some callback functions or macros instead of it.
I have grep the source code, and i think it is not 
very difficult to do that.

If i develop a patch on it, where can i publish 
the patch?

To be honest, I have some problem on FILE* and 
the std::iostream in my job. it is the reason 
of the patch.

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