Communicating with window managers through a JNI wrapper

Matthias Käppler m.kaeppler at
Thu Nov 8 05:58:42 PST 2007


2007/11/8, Pat Kane <pekane52 at>:
> The "libwnck-2.18.3" source distro has docs and a couple of interesting
> test
> programs that appear to do what you need to do.   The "test-wnck" program
> puts up a gui with check boxes that can be used to do window-manager-ish
> things.

okay, that's cool, thanks. libwnck has a lot of dependencies to libraries
such as Gtk, Pango and Cairo, so I won't be using it directly, but I already
learned some interesting things just by browsing its sources. I think what
I'll be doing is to merely use it to check how the some of the desired
functionality is achieved and implement something equivalent for our small
wrapper. I just don't want to have a bunch of GNOME dependencies I don't
need anyway.
Most things are one-liners anyway, but as an X11 beginner I just needed some
pointer on how to communicate with the X server, e.g. what messages I have
to sent in order to make the window manager perform action X.

Thanks for your help.

Matthias Käppler
Research Assistant
Knowledge Management Group
DFKI GmbH, Germany
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