Big-Endian problem with Fujitsu CoralPA

Eduard Fuchs edfuchs at
Thu Nov 8 07:32:18 PST 2007

Hi all,

A few words about my system: This is a custom-designed board, based on a 
PowerPC CPU (MPC7448) and Marvell MV64560 chip-set. On the PCI bus are 
connnected graphic chip Fujitsu CoralPA(MB86296) and sATA Controller. 
The OS is Linux with kernel ver. 2.6.12.

Now the problem – it is an Endian problem. The graphic chip supprts only 
up to 16-Bits color mode and Little Endian bits arrangement. This causes 
a wrong color picture on the screen. There is no possibility (anyway, I 
was not found) to correct the bits seqence direct in the graphics 
controller. I can activate bits-swapping on PCI controller (Marvell 
chip-set supports 32, resp. 64 bit-swapping). Then the colors are OK, 
but now I have errors in the picture representation.

Is this a possibility to adapt the X-server resp. Xlib so, that the 
pixel-data is from the CPU corrected? As a graphics driver I use 
framebufer device driver from the Linux kernel.

Thanks and regards,
Eduard Fuchs

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