Synchronizing _NET_WM_STATE writes and reads

Matthias Käppler m.kaeppler at
Fri Nov 9 02:14:19 PST 2007

Hi Peter,

2007/11/9, Peter Hutterer <mailinglists at>:
> Matthias Käppler wrote:
> > Now, calling maximizeWindow() and getWindowStates() immediately after
> does
> > sometimes, but NOT ALWAYS yield the two atoms representing the two
> states
> > that should be set for the given window.
> bit hazy on this, but AFAIK the process is something like this:
> client changes property
> WM is notified
> WM applies changes
> WM changes property
> client is notified
> note that the actual changes and setting the properties are two
> completely different and disconnected things. if you query the property
> in between, then you get your results.
> try waiting for the PropertyNotify event and then querying.
> btw. XSync is useless here, it only applies to _your_ connection with
> the X server, and thus doesn't affect the WM at all.

so in other words, there is no direct way to synchronize these two calls?
What if the client triggers a state change and some other client wants to
retrieve information about that window shortly thereafter? I need pull
semantics where clients are able to retrieve the currently active states
instead of pub/sub semantics.

There must be a way to do this?

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