Weird sideways scrolling

Yan Seiner yan at
Sun Nov 11 18:50:56 PST 2007

Yan Seiner wrote:
> In brief, there seems to be some interaction between USB and xorg that 
> causes the screen to 'scroll' sideaways.  When this happens, only the 
> video portion scrolls, the mouse remains in the same location, with the 
> result that mouse clicks happen some 1/10 to 1/4 of a screen off.  
> Needless to say this makes the screen unusable.
> This typically happens on some magic USB interaction - a USB mouse 
> click, or perhaps a USB dvd drive popping open its door, or some similar 
> event.  It doesn't *always* happen on a USB event, but most of the time 
> it does.

Got it figured out.  If you use -novtswitch and -sharedvts, console
messages end up corrupting the video buffer.  So the first X session you
bring up should not use those options.


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