xserver-1.4-branch & 1.4.1 release?

Ademar de Souza Reis Jr. ademar at mandriva.com.br
Tue Nov 13 09:01:48 PST 2007

On Fri, Nov 09, 2007 at 05:37:10PM -0200, Ademar de Souza Reis Jr. wrote:
> On Tue, Oct 30, 2007 at 01:04:05AM +0200, Daniel Stone wrote:
> <snip>
> > 
> > Please test this (distributors especially) and give me feedback.
> > 
> I didn't have much time to test it (1.4-branch), but so far I can
> report some problems. I'm sorry for not creating bugzilla tickets
> for every problem, but it went offline just while I was using it.
> I hope some of the reports are useful anyway, even with the
> limited debug information.

Here is a follow-up:

> 1. On a dual-keyboard setup (one usb and other ps/2), X doesn't
> start (crash on startup). If I plug the usb one after it's up, it
> works, but crashs (segv) when I unplug it.

Actually it happens with only one USB keyboard as well. And
happens only when using evdev. I've opened a ticket for it:

> 2. My numlock led has its logic inverted (reproduced on several
> ps/2 keyboards but not in all of them).

I've added a comment to the original led's bug:

> 3. As reported by someone else, keyboard events are sent to the
> windows with the mouse pointer besides the focused one.
> Happens sporadically, but is common... I see it several times a
> day using both WindowMaker and Fluxbox, with mouse-focus
> disabled (no extensive tests though).

Already reported:

> 5. There's something wrong with the keyboard repeat rate, but I'm
> not sure I understand it yet... Some symptoms:
> 5a: one of my keyboards now has a very high repeat rate by
> default. Besides, if I change it to, for example, xset r rate 250
> 1, and keep a key pressed, I get one initial keypress event and
> then after 250ms I start getting two keypress events at every
> second (together).
> 5b: on another keyboard, I get what I call "keyboard repeat
> (de)acceleration": if I set the repeat rate to 200/sec, for
> example, I get this rate on the first initial events but
> then the rate gets back to "normal" after a few milisecs. The
> same with a rate of 1/sec or whatever value.
> BTW, during my tests with a high repeat rate, sometimes events
> are sent to a different window where the mouse is located. Maybe
> the two problems are correlated.


> 6. My keyboard layout from xorg.conf is still being ignored. I
> would like xserver 1.4 to be backward compatible and keep
> current configurations working (see previous discussion on this
> list). On some systems it works "as expected", but not on mine.


> 7. When I connect a second keyboard (usb in my case), I get some
> mouse events (the mouse moves up and I get a mouse
> middle-button-click).

Probably related to #13222.

  - Ademar

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