Initial code on a X regression and/or validation tool

Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade pcpa at
Wed Nov 14 12:57:26 PST 2007

  I could not work for over a week on this code, but for those that may 
be interested, this is the
output after fixing all dependencies and crashes (with maximum verbosity 
and ignoring abi mismatch).
The only crash now is in the ati driver choosing the "AvailableOptions" 
based on the pciid, and just
passing -1 isn't enough to avoid the crash (I may just add an special 
cause for it, or modify the
Mandriva's ati driver to properly handle similar problems, but this 
could be hackish, i.e. call
xf86IsOnlyDetecting() before doing something "dangerous" at setup).
  I created wrappers to resolve all missing functions/variables (and 
added a few that were not
being triggered by the loader code, but were causing a crash). And fixed 
some other random problems
like the fglxr driver opening /proc/<pid>/fd/0 and then blocking forever 
in a read. Certain
extended tests, and running past the Probe routine would be better 
"monitored" by a modified
X Server, but resolving all the dependencies is at worst a good exercise :-)
  I believe it could be a good idea to have a xf86AddFontModule and 
function to follow the pattern of xf86AddDriver and xf86AddInputDriver 
(and xf86AddModuleInfo), but
then, maybe it is better to check if a "well know" data structure has 
changed after executing a
module setup proc, and this is what my code is doing currently.
  It is still in an early stage, but I hope to start building a modified 
X server tree to allow
building a X Server/modules that would allow/make easy to run regression 
tests (but most regression
tests should not require a modified X Server).


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