Big-Endian problem with Fujitsu CoralPA (Clemens Koller)

Jarno Manninen jarno.manninen at
Thu Nov 15 01:08:53 PST 2007

> I would be glad to do some tests and debugging here, but
> I am not really happy with the lacking documentation / my lilited
> knowledge about the details and how it's supposed to be
> implemented (in an elegant way = without performance
> penalty / limited functionality).


I had the same problem, or still have if you will, with endianess but with 
SMI722. Quick and easy, but still a bit slow solution is to deny all SW 
access to the framebuffer and swap the  bytes correctly in 
UploadTo/DownloadFrom-screen functions. Needless to say this requires EXA to 
work. However this just plain sucks for drawing non accelerated graphics, but 
one could do some imaginative juggling of the fb-layers ROP variables to fix 

Now that I've almost finished renovation/moving and the ISP finally managed to 
connect the cables I can start to figuring out where/how to put my Q&D hacks.

 - Jarno

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