[ANNOUNCE] xf86-video-intel 2.2.0

Jesse Barnes jbarnes at virtuousgeek.org
Thu Nov 15 12:48:48 PST 2007

Well, this is it, Intel driver release 2.2.0, available from all the usual
locations.  Thanks are owed to the many bug reporters, testers and developers
who contributed to this release.

Since the 2.1.0 release, over 160 bugs have been resolved.  That still leaves
96 open bugs (yay for breaking the 100 barrier), but at this rate the next
release should be bug free! :)  Moreover, I think many of the open bugs are
duplicates of bugs fixed in this release, or just need to be tested with this
release before being closed out, so things are looking good on the bug front.

Again, this driver should be run with the latest released versions of the
various components:
  - X server 1.4.x
  - Mesa 7.0.x
  - DRM modules from your respective kernel

Running with more recent versions should be possible, but you'll likely hit
bugs in the upstream trees due to active development going on there.

If you find problems with this release, don't hesitate to file them at
bugs.freedesktop.org.  There have been many changes since the last release, so
we undoubtedly added a few new bugs in the process.

The (large) git changelog for this release is shown below.


Alan Coopersmith (2):
      Clear compiler error: "void functions cannot return values"
      Fix builds without DRI

Brice Goglin (2):
      Fix typo in intel.man

Carl Worth (1):
      Allow 965 composite acceleration to A8 destinations.

Dave Airlie (9):
      intel: don't try and use TTM memory manager with old libdrm interface
      intel: actually 2.3.1 should be good enough
      intel: oops I commited pixman local workaround - undo it
      strip out remainder of drmmm code in driver
      i965: fix memcpy of the sf_kernel when a mask is needed
      i965: increase composite vertex buffer size and alignment to be safe
      intel: don't setup texOffsetStart unless using EXA
      i915: add support for render to a8
      intel: make block handler hook happen no matter what video is in use

Dmitry Babrovich (1):
      Bug #12457: Let the ch7xxx driver probe the 7301

Eric Anholt (53):
      Fix some physical address handling for >4GB addresses.
      When TTM is available, use it instead of manual AGP allocations when possible.
      Use new drmBOSetPin interface instead of NO_EVICT/NO_MOVE buffers.
      Use the dontMapFramebuffer option available with DRIINFO 5.4.
      Delay the first screen pixmap update to CreateScreenResources.
      Pin some buffer objects at creation time, which can't be moved yet.
      Mark DRI buffers as shareable, and pass their buffer handles through the SAREA.
      Quirk away the nonexistent TV connector on the Panasonic CF-Y4.
      Add the file mode for bios_dumper output so it doesn't have 000 permissions.
      Fix accumulated whitespace nits in i830_exa.c
      Fix EXA rendering with tiled front buffer on pre-965.
      Bug #11593: Remove dead struct vch_bdb_20 which was angering the sun compiler.
      Attempt to fix several front buffer tiling failure cases.
      Fix stack-smashing in the last commit.
      Don't force tiling on if it is disabled in configuration but fbc is possible.
      Add #if 0-ed fence debugging code.  It's noisy, and of little use to most.
      Add tiling information to BO layout description.
      Use i830_memory.c instead of the AA's allocator for XV buffers.
      Replace AA allocator usage with i830_memory.c for RandR rotation.
      Tune acceleration architecture allocator sizes down.
      Remove logic for supporting i915tex_dri.so vs. i915_dri.so.
      Disable TV/VGA output on the CH7017/7018 devices.
      Enable CH7017/7018 DVO driver by default.
      Suppress I2C failure error messages during DVO device detection.
      Remove more DVO probing noise.
      Restore building of pciaccess-based tools even if the server doesn't use it.
      Fix probing of the sample CH7017 device I found by allowing GPIO overrides.
      Bring the CH7017 driver closer to spec.
      Fix formatting of error message.
      Warning cleanup.
      Don't leak buffer object allocations in i830_reset_allocations().
      Revert setting of exa_965_state as LIFETIME_FIXED.
      Don't set overlay registers LIFETIME_FIXED. It always uses the current offset.
      Replace setting of LIFETIME_FIXED on cursors with just updating the offsets.
      Fix potential use-after-free in XV overlay code on video stop.
      In i830_allocate_memory_bo, bind if we control the VT, not on lifetime-fixed.
      Refuse to allocate LIFETIME_FIXED objects in buffer objects.
      Move drmMMLock to after we have unbound our (pinned) buffers.
      Rework DRI buffer mappings and sarea setup to allow for moving buffers.
      Delay SAREA and mapping setup until EnterVT when using the memory manager.
      Allow front/back/depth to move over the lifetime of the server.
      Move tiling fence register setup to bind time instead of allocate time.
      Update memory manager sizing for the current set of LIFETIME_FIXED bufffers.
      Don't double-free the memory manager allocation.
      Use mprotect on unbound AGP memory to attempt to catch use while unbound.
      Fix failure in tiling setup on non-power-of-two allocations on pre-965.
      In update_front_offset(), set pScrn->fbOffset even at EnterVT during init.
      Bump pciaccess version requirement for  new API usage.
      Add some nickle scripts for looking at PLL issues.
      Warn in the log if we choose a PLL clock that's way out of line.
      In the clock graph, draw the VCO as erasures in the lines representing clocks.
      Fix typo in my hand-application of rglowery's patch.
      Bug #12059: Add ch7019 to the list of supported devices for ch7017.

Hong Liu (1):
      Fix pixmap offset

Jesse Barnes (55):
      Enable framebuffer compression (use Option "FrameBufferCompression"
      Framebuffer compression changes:
      Fixup line length buffer padding, add kludge for front buffer tile
      FBC fixes:
      Revert discard alpha change, requires other fixes to work.
      Remove tiling kludge.  May need more fixes for 965.
      Re-add tiling kludge, but only for 965.
      FBC and tiling changes
      Fix tiling and fb compression defaults for 965 (not yet fully supported).
      Fix debug output in fbc enable/disable routines.  Add logic to make sure fbc
      Update man page with current behavior.
      Fix naming of FBC plane enable bits (mistakenly called them pipes earlier).
      Fix manpage to reflect default behavior.
      FBC fixes:
      Legacy backlight changes:
      Tiled rendering & fbc fixes:
      Limit Solid & Copy offsets to 4k when rendering to tiled targets
      More tiled rendering fixes: - check for tiling, not just offset in PrepareSolid - combine pI830->tiling 
and frontbuffer checks into new exaPixmapTiled function for readability
      Remove 4k offset checks from Copy & Solid hooks.
      Fixup pitch in Prepare* functions, since actual hooks may
      Tiling fixes for 965
      Enable tiling by default on 965.
      Cleanup tiling and FBC driver output.
      Disambiguate plane and pipe mapping, use plane A on pipe B on pre-965 LVDS
      Only swap planes and pipes if DRM supports it
      Fix crash in ScreenInit
      Fix plane/pipe mapping compat code
      Remove unused plane->pipe mappings from SAREA private
      Go back to using old drm_i915_flip_t field name
      Fix palette save/restore
      intel_reg_dumper - dump VGA AR registers too
      Framebuffer compression fix: front buffer may not be at fence 0
      Check DPLL status before writing PIPEnCONF regs
      Setup 3D state at EnterVT time
      Fix overlay destination clamping
      Clear current video crtc on DPMS off
      Default to EXA
      Bump driver version to 2.1.99 in preparation for 2.2 release
      Update man page to reflect EXA by default
      Remove unused 'palette_enable' variable
      Fixup warnings
      Add 'ret' variable to i830_allocator_init
      Fix typo in PLL enable check
      Improve backlight control
      Remove harmless error message
      Don't stop ring before restoring hw state
      Add FBC registers to register dump output
      Correct FBC debug message
      Fix kernel get_brightness function
      Add more FBC regs
      Disable FBC by default on 965GM
      Backlight fixes
      Add 1920x1080 mode to TV out
      Adjust default TV out paramaters
      Bump version to 2.2.0

Keith Packard (24):
      Eliminate bogus (and harmful) blanking adjustment for load detect.
      Ensure pipe/output active before doing load detection.
      Remove hard-coded CRT blanking frobbing for load detection.
      Clean up tv mode name allocation and copy.
      Set DSPATILEOFF/DSPBTILEOFF to handle 965 tiled frame buffers.
      Save/restore tile-mode offset registers DSPATILEOFF and DSPBTILEOFF
      Make sure XV_PIPE is used whenever possible.
      Thinkpad X61s has no TV out
      Lenovo 201a is x60s, not x61s
      Sort quirk table, add Dell Latitude X1
      Intel driver configuration (only) changes for X server libpciaccess usage.
      Change IS_Ixxx tests to work with or without libpciaccess.
      Add libpciaccess declarations to I810Rec and I830Rec.
      Change DRI interface to fill in PCI data from new libpciaccess structure.
      Mechanical API conversions for libpciaccess.
      i810_driver.c changes for libpciaccess.
      i830_driver.c changes for libpciaccess.
      Add register defines for hw binning
      Limit TV formats to those supported by current connection
      Don't set supported TV formats until after RandR initialized.
      Switch to pci_device_map_range/pci_device_unmap_range APIs.
      Quirk for Samsung Q35 which has no TV output.
      Include xf86mm.h if using XF86DRI_MM
      Review PLL spreadsheet and update register ranges.

Kyle McMartin (2):
      Dell XPS 1330 has no TV out
      toshiba satellite u300 has no tv out

Michel Dänzer (2):
      Fix build against pre-pci-rework xserver.
      Adapt to libdrm buffer object API changes.

Regis Prevot (1):
      Ignore detection of TV output on Panasonic CF-Y7

Rob (2):
      AOpen 965GM mini pc has no LVDS
      Fix a crash in TV mode handling by initializing the prev field of modes.

Thomas Hellstrom (1):
      Adapt to DRM Lockfree and setStatus changes.

Wang Zhenyu (3):
      Fix i915 rendering for tiled buffer
      Add quirk support
      Add another Lenovo TV output quirk

Zhenyu Wang (15):
      Fix device id info for 945GME, 965GME
      Fix a typo in i915 render
      Update Lenovo TV quirk info
      Fix seg fault introduced in tiling patch when TV detect
      Fix i915 a8 color buffer blending
      Fix G33 GTT stolen mem range
      Pin cursor, overlay(no physical) and exa state buffers
      EXA: fix tiled dest rendering on i8XX chips
      Revert "Fix G33 GTT stolen mem range"
      Fix allocation reset for really not free BO allocator
      Don't setup fb compression if fb is not tiling
      Remove one redundant line.
      Don't enable fbc with XAA or tiling is off.
      Move fb compression reg definition into i810_reg.h
      remove unnecessary i830_reg.h includes

git tag: xf86-video-intel-2.2.0

MD5: e90d44adc819e8c5c76a1abde525a963  xf86-video-intel-2.2.0.tar.bz2
SHA1: 4737388e290fb20fe86399876ed36d4854e4e69f  xf86-video-intel-2.2.0.tar.bz2

MD5: 7cab9695a391f07880bf03dba291f6ee  xf86-video-intel-2.2.0.tar.gz
SHA1: 8fcb63ff419e6ceadc2ee51acca0903987ec45bc  xf86-video-intel-2.2.0.tar.gz

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