Problems with OpenGL / Xorg 7.2 / Mac OS 10.4

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Fri Nov 16 00:48:58 PST 2007


I followed the istructions found here : to install Xorg 7.2 on Mac OS X Tiger
(10.4). It works well in itself, I can launch apps, and OpenGL IS working (glxgears works with rather good performances). But I
have two little problems :) The fist one is very important for me and the second is just "cosmetic" :)

Problem #1 : How to compile software to make it work with Xorg OpenGL. I've managed to compile Wine 0.9.49 with OpenGL support
by playing with the DYLD_FALLBACK_LIBRARY_PATH and LDFLAGS environment variables but when I launch it, it complains that ther is
"no OpenGl support on this box". Can someone tell me how to do ?

Problem #2 (less important) : On the same
box, when I launch a X11 app, it appears windows decorations (title bar, borders and useful buttons such as minimize, close,
etc.) Is there a way to have it working ?

Thank you very much for your work.


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