regression in X11R7.2?

Nicolas Mailhot nicolas.mailhot at
Fri Nov 16 07:58:14 PST 2007

Le Ven 16 novembre 2007 16:11, Jack Howarth a écrit :
>    I should also note that users have hacked around this problem
> by substituting the from OpenSuse 10.2 for that
> in OpenSuse 10.3. I would assume this indicates the problem is
> related to the fact that is now linked to
> and perhaps? This workaround
> also solves the problem under Fedora 8 as well.

XCB is more careful than the old XLIB and will reject patterns via
assertions that XLIB used to accept. So your problem is probably just
XCB noticing you're doing something you really should not do, while
XLIB would accept it and fail in some cases later.


Nicolas Mailhot

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