EDID decoding in libXrandr?

Hal V. Engel hvengel at astound.net
Sun Nov 18 09:29:30 PST 2007

On Sunday 18 November 2007 01:00:53 Kai-Uwe Behrmann wrote:
> > RandR 1.3 will have a fairly long list of 'standard' properties to try
> > and make user interfaces more consistent across different video drivers
> > and monitors; if you've got information you're interested in, having us
> > standardize the content and format will help not only your application,
> > but video driver developers as well.
> Not shure if the colorimetry information will make sense for some people.
> I mean the RGB primaries and the witepoint from position 25 till 34 and
> gamma in 23.
> As I see, this information is dangerous for broken monitor EDID's and of
> not much value for most of the others. Still it is there.

Assuming that this info is (partly) valid for cases were the EDID is not 
broken then this could be useful.  For example LProfs visually based monitor 
profiler could use the RGB primaries and maybe the whitepoint information.  
But that also means that as a consumer of this information I also need to be 
able to query X as to how broken EDID is for the device in question.  

> Hope this email provides some helpful information.
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