question about GlxVisual

Wu, Nian nian.wu at
Sun Nov 18 22:43:57 PST 2007

Ian Romanick wrote:
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> Wu, Nian wrote:
>> Before Otc 18th you changed the GlxVisual related code, there are 17
>> visuals, below was the glxinfo's output:
> [snip]
>> After your commit introduced, there are 39 visuals as the xdpyinfo
>> and glxinfo reports:
> [snip]
>> Why there are so many visual type increased? Some visual are
>> duplicated, such as 0x96 and 0x98, 0x97 and 0x99, 0x9c and 0x9e.
>> By the way, I use intel driver.
> Kristan would be able to answer authoritatively, but I believe the
> reason is that glxinfo doesn't show all of the information about the
> visual.  I seem to recall that there are some other fields not shown.
> The fields likely differ.  10/18 is around the time Kristan added
> support for some additional GLX functionality, so it is probably
> related. -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE-----

Do not know what the difference is between some Visuals? could you give
more details?
As far as I know, intel driver donot support Index color, why there are
2  color index visuals?

Nian Wu

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