Xinerama setup stopped working (was: setting up xrandr with two graphics cards)

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Mon Nov 19 06:05:23 PST 2007

also sprach martin f krafft <madduck at> [2007.11.19.1341 +0100]:
> I had a triple-head setup, using two Radeon 92x0 cards. This worked
> fine with Xinerama for years, until this morning when it would no
> longer start up.

Until I can get RANDR running, I'd like to get this back and
working. My problem is that I can get monitor 2
to mirror the monitor 1i (they are both connected to the same card),
or crash the X server:

>   Card 1: PCI:1:0:0: Radeon 9200:
>     Port1: TMDS / DVI-I           Monitor 1 (Acer AL922)
>     Port2: CRT / VGA              Monitor 2 (MRM B18XA)

I tried the following:

  1a. two device sections, PCI IDs 1:0:0 and 1:0:1
      monitor 2 stays blank, but is part of the screen, e.g. I can
      drag windows there without workspace switching, but X server
      crashes when I move the mouse pointer onto monitor 2

  1b. same if I add screen 0/1 to the device sections
  1c. same if I enable or disable MergedFB

  2a. two device sections, PCI IDs 1:0:0 for both, screen 0/1 added
      monitor 2 is 640x480 and mirrors monitor 1 (1280x1024) using
      virtual space.
  2b. same if I enable or disable MergedFB

Please let me know if you want to look at log files. It would help
if you told me exactly which settings I should use to produce the
file(s) you want to see.

This seems to be the same result as I get from auto-detection:

> I went ahead and removed the configuration file. The X server comes
> up, but only uses card 1, sets up monitor 1 with 1280x1024 and
> monitor 2 to mirror monitor 1, but only with 640x480, so that the
> 1280x1024 are virtual on the second monitor.

which makes me think that in the last 2 months (I had an uptime of
60 days), something in Debian's Xorg screwed this up. It may have

  xserver-xorg-video-ati 1:6.6.3-2 -> 1:6.6.193-3

but I cannot find any hint in the changelogs.

Does anyonw know how I can get monitor 2 to stop mirroring monitor
1 and just have it display its part of the virtual screen? I am
using Xinerama still, not RANDR, for now.


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