X-7.3 & Mesa 7.0.1 vs. Tux Racer

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Mon Nov 19 10:36:29 PST 2007

Dan Nicholson wrote:
> On Nov 19, 2007 7:56 AM, Brian Paul <brian.paul at tungstengraphics.com> wrote:
>> James Richard Tyrer wrote:
>>> It is unfortunate that Tux Racer seems to have been orphaned some time
>>> ago.  It has now reached the point where the last release (0.6.1) will
>>> not build against the current GL.
>>> You get an absurd error message:
>>> checking whether glx.h defines glXGetProcAddressARB... no
>>> configure: error: Your copy of glx.h is out of date.  You can get a more
>>> recent copy from the latest Mesa distribution
>>> (http://mesa3d.sourceforge.net).
>>> Is there any possibility of getting this to work, or is it hopeless?
>> glXGetProcAddressARB is still defined in glx.h and will probably never
>> be removed.  I don't recall any changes to glx.h with regards to that
>> function/extension.
>> Have you double-checked your glx.h file?
> It's trying to compile a dummy program like this
> #include <GL/glx.h>
> int main() {
> char *foo = (char*) glXGetProcAddressARB;
> return 0;
> }
> Looking at glx.h and glxext.h, the prototype is only included if
> GLX_GLXEXT_PROTOTYPES is defined. Try this:
Yes, that works, thanks.

Now it appears that I will need to install an older GCC.


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