client events maintained by x server

Tomas Carnecky tom at
Tue Nov 20 05:42:27 PST 2007

Russell Shaw wrote:
> Why do you think X is moribund and no one is writing any decent
> GUI stuff on X apart from a few lame file browsers and desktops?

Nowadays you aren't supposed to use raw X unless you're writing things
like a window manager or a GUI toolkit library (or other components that
absolutely need the low-level access). If you're writing a file browser,
you're much better off with a higher level toolkit like Qt or GTK.

If you read the OP's emails he sent to this ML during the last few
months, you can see quite well what he's trying to do - track every user
input, every window movement, every app that has an X window open etc.

But him asking questions like:
> i have seen the source code of xeyes but iam unable to understand it..
> iam newbie to x programming can anybody help me how to understand.
don't make it particularly easy to help. Btw, read all his emails he's
sent to this ML and you'll understand why Daniel reacted so.. uhm..
unfriendly (and for the record, I'm all on his side).


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