[Patch] twm: add support for wildcards

Eeri Kask Eeri.Kask at inf.tu-dresden.de
Wed Nov 21 04:34:53 PST 2007

> For some reason, you can only pass case-sensitive strings inside
> lists. This means that you can't apply features like AutoRaise and
> WindowRing to every window. Using WindowRing on all windows would be
> great, because then you could just `alt tab' through all the windows
> that are currently opened.
> The attached patch adds support for wildcards. This means that when
> you say:
>	AutoRaise { "*" }
> All windows will be raised. The same applies to WindowRing. When you
> add "*" to the list, it will add all windows to the ring.
> An implementation detail: it will always match the wildcard as last.
> In theory, you could rework other configuration constructs to use
> this syntax, like the wincolorlists. An example of this:
> [...]

In my opinion too, this would be a very helpful feature.  It would be
even perfect if in all places you can specify a window name in a list in
.twmrc you could use regexp notation generally.  (E.g., vtwm has it for
some years probably.)

(Probably all strcmp() calls in LookInList() and GetColorFromList() in
list.c are the starting place to look at.)  :-)


    Eeri Kask

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