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Fri Nov 23 05:38:36 PST 2007

In Mandriva 2008.0, we have a patch in xf86-input-evdev to ensure that
if HWheelRelativeAxisButtons is given in xorg.conf, buttons 6 & 7 are
always reserved to hwheel, and SIDE & EXTRA are always 8 & 9.

Is there any work on having some kind of buttonsym, similar to

I would suggest for now, that we standardize at least buttons
4,5,6,7,8,9, so that applications can correctly use them. For example
by default firefox binds 6&7 to back/next
whereas gtk+ binds 6&7 to horizontal scrolling.

kernel's /dev/input/mice already reserves 6&7 for horizwheel. 
(that's why people sometimes use ZAxisMapping "4 5" instead of default
"4 5 6 7" so that "back&next" works with default firefox...)

Here is a simple patch that forces evdev to reserve buttons 6&7 for
hwheel. I think this behaviour should be the default, but maybe an
option could be proposed to disable it (or enable it).

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