[TROLL] Re: Getting xserver patches reviewed

Xavier Bestel xavier.bestel at free.fr
Sun Nov 25 00:30:17 PST 2007

Sorry for feeding the troll here ..

Le samedi 24 novembre 2007 à 20:22 -0500, Bernardo Innocenti a écrit :
> >   Another problem is license (the dead horse :-) There should be a
> > mechanism to allow developers to contribute GPL code, other than, "do
> > your own new project". I did not yet finish a repository I have been
> > planning due to, guess what, lack of 'qualified people' time. But if
> > xorg/freedesktop implements something similiar, I would be happy and
> > submit for commit rights. One of the things I have been considering,
> > is something like having gpl code residing in a subtree, and then,
> > at build time one could choose if wants to compile with gpl code or
> > not. The idea is to work with symlinks. Well, nothing prevents me
> > from making my own mirror at Mandriva, where people here can commit
> > GPL licensed code, so, maybe I will come back here for a more
> > concrete proposal to it later, when this is more than a "wishlist",
> > with more than "changing my own git mirror in my own computer".
> I also had this fear that use of a permissive license would
> have made Xorg an easy prey of pillagers.  It was very much
> the case with Wine, until they finally switched to GPL.
> But these days, even companies in the business of proprietary
> software seem to be willing to contribute their code back to
> Xorg...

I am under the impression that GPL projects always attract more people
than their BSD/MIT counterparts.
Sadly X has no GPL equivalent to test that theory.


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