Getting xserver patches reviewed

Xavier Bestel xavier.bestel at
Sun Nov 25 03:18:38 PST 2007

Le dimanche 25 novembre 2007 à 01:18 -0800, Barton C Massey a écrit :
> What we really need is someone with good organizational
> skills to put together and be responsible for the right
> process.  The kernel does give us something of a model to
> start with.  I'd suggest that some lead person needs to
>   * Identify or recruit maintainers for these subsystems.
>     Maintainers should have the power to grant commit
>     privileges to their "master" tree at,
>     and to manage commits for their subsystem.  The
>     modularization should make this easy...

The big problem is finding that person. It must be someone with intimate
knowledge of the codebase, and someone with "good taste" in programming,
with the ability to say "no", but in a constructive manner, i.e.
inciting people to redo their patch instead of just quitting.


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