X, gtk, and gnome

Pavel Troller patrol at sinus.cz
Sun Nov 25 12:04:19 PST 2007

>     I have the entire source now thanks to git of X. I would like to run 
> GTK+ and gnome over it. Would anyone have any idea, because I've looked and 
> can't find anything; what is minimally needed as far as X goes for running 
> GTK+ and gnome? Also if I did install the entire X system could it function 
> as a GUI and browser or is it basically a rendering engine?
> Bill
Hi Bill,
  yes, X is primarily a rendering engine and a set of libraries for various
purposes related to its support (X11 protocol implementation, input/output,
  It contains a very simple window manager - twm, which can be used as a basic
GUI. It can start a program, resize a window, manage windows etc.
  X11 doesn't contain any www browser. You need a third-party one (firefox,
konqueror, etc.).
  Gnome/GTK has its own codebase and downloading archive (see www.gnome.org).
  You either need to download a binary release, or build it yourself, but
be warned, it's more complex than a full X build.
  With regards, Pavel Troller

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