load_detection in xorg.conf?

Lothar Brendel l.brendel at goldmail.de
Mon Nov 26 08:24:40 PST 2007

Alex Deucher wrote:
> On Nov 26, 2007 4:30 AM, Lothar Brendel <l.brendel at goldmail.de> wrote:
>> Hi folks!
>> Do I understand it correctly that enforcing "load_detection=1" for
>> an output (in my case a VGA-TFT is not detected at DVI-0 of an
>> Radeon 9600, probably because of the adapter) is one of the things
>> that *cannot* be done in xorg.conf? Thus, I have to put the
>> corresponding xrand command into the [gkx]dm-scripts?
> If you have a new enough version of the ati driver you can specify it
> as a driver option.   6.7.196 should have it.
> Option "TVDACLoadDetect" "true"

Thanx a lot, I'll try it as soon as 6.7.196 makes it into the Ubuntu 
repository (it's not that terribly urgent as to make self compilation 

But I have to admit some confusion: The docs 
explain the option as:

} Enable load detection on the TV DAC.  The TV DAC is used to drive both
} TV-OUT and analog monitors. Load detection is often unreliable in the
} TV DAC so it is disabled by default.

In my case, the analog output VGA-0 is connected to an analog projector and 
is detected and driven w/o problems. Can't I then conclude from the above 
that the TV DAC is running already? So how does the option "know" to switch 
on load_detection on the output DVI-0?


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