FW: question about running firefox without Xorg and desktop software

郭哲君 (chechun_kuo) chechun_kuo at sis.com
Tue Nov 27 07:01:53 PST 2007

Dear X friends:
Recently I have an idea to use firefox on mips machine, but I have no idea of what is the minimum requirements I need. Xorg is so big that my machine cannot fill it in.

Since I used firefox on kde, in my opinion, the application layout should like below.
      KDE (window manager)

I have survey the documents on the net and some articles tell the gtk+directFB will replace the X11.
Does that mean the layout will be:

I have visit the official web site of directFB but I am not sure whether the layout in my opinion is true or not.

Has someone successfully ported firefox on embedded system before or could anybody show me which part I got wrong or miss. 
BTW, if someone successfully ported the firefox on embedded system, please tell me the roughly memory size they will cost will cost.
Ps: Could we use TyniX to meet the same requirement?
Appreciate your help,

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