Website maintenance volunteers?

Jeremy C. Reed reed at
Wed Nov 28 13:25:40 PST 2007

On Wed, 28 Nov 2007, Daniel Stone wrote:

> You're right that ikiwiki is a great option -- we just need someone to
> do it. :)

I will volunteer. I have an account on a freedesktop machine and could 
install and set it all up in my own home directory if desired. I could 
also spider all content and convert to different format if needed.

Do we have a list of things to be done? Even at the current wiki is fine.
Here is my start based on your email plus some more of my thoughts:

- solve spam problem

- moving away from Moin may not be needed as I am not sure if using 
different Wiki engine helps with the goals. If a goal is to use outside 
revision control, mirror static website, generate blogs and rss feeds, 
then ikiwiki is an idea.

- proper namespacing a lot of stuff (I see currently we have some 
redundant wiki pages plus we have many links to nowhere.)

- cleaning everything up

- tiny bit of design work to make it look good

- making it something people will want to work with to improve, rather 
than just battle against

- maybe merge in old release docs that haven't been used for past couple 
releases. They can be maintained in a wiki.

- maybe allow wiki content to be reused to generate PDFs of documentation

Please (anyone) expand on the above and add to it. What are your ideas for 
the website?

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