Textures go wild

Roland Scheidegger sroland at tungstengraphics.com
Wed Nov 28 16:04:53 PST 2007

kr992 wrote:
> Hello
> I have long time strange problems with textures and I do not know if is
> it problem with xorg or mesa or wine. Could someone tell me if had the
> same?
> I have debian unstable ,  915GM , but kernel , drm and drm kernel
> modules , xorg , mesa , wine from git.
> I was attach xorg log and config file
> screens of problem:
> http://rydek1.w.interia.pl/zrzut1.jpg
> http://rydek1.w.interia.pl/zrzut2.jpg
> http://rydek1.w.interia.pl/zrzut3.jpg
> http://rydek1.w.interia.pl/zrzut4.jpg

There were some other reports with broken mipmaps, so it's not wine
specific. Issue with mesa (dri i915 driver).


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