Installing xorg >= 7.0

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Wed Nov 28 21:11:40 PST 2007

No painless way exists.  The easy 'make world' was replaced with a
dependancy hell so you will give up and just use the distribution
provided binaries.  Thus we have open source that makes you use
binaries because it is just too hard to compile your own copy.  You
don't download one package, you download hundreds, and just finding
them all can be a hassle.  Good luck, you'll need it.

On 11/29/07, Warren Nagourney <warren at> wrote:
> I am a relative novice to linux and am doing some development work
> (involving the cell processor) on a Playstation 3 running Yellowdog
> Linux version 5.02 (which is based on fedora 5). Unfortunately, this
> distribution is very backward in nearly all ways - it is stuck at
> glibc 2.4 and xorg 7.0. I am anxious to try some graphics routines
> developed elsewhere which require a later version of xorg-server than
> I have (it needs >= and I have 1.0.1) and some other
> routines (xproto, fontsproto, renderproto and videoproto). I assume
> that by updating to a later version of xorg, I will meet my needs.
> I tried to install the modular xorg and had the usual dependency
> problems (after compiling for several hours). I have no idea how to
> fix these. Can someone suggest a hopefully painless way of getting a
> more recent version of the needed xorg routines onto my system? I
> have considered installing Fedora 6 or 7 (which work fine on the
> PS3), but I have too much stuff already installed and don't look
> forward to such a transition.
> Thanks very much for any help.
> Warren Nagourney
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