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Eeri Kask Eeri.Kask at
Thu Nov 29 02:17:44 PST 2007

Leo <sdl.web at>:
>> let me kindly present recent advancements done to the twm window
>> manager.  Attached is a tar file containing the following tar files:
> [...]
> This looks interesting. Has someone applied it to the trunk?

I don't know if it is a good idea to do it for now if you ask me.  These
twm improvements have had not enough testing  (today I am going to claim
3rd time that


are finished but considering the past this has nothing to say :-), the
second half of the pack is work in progress according to any measure).

The SloppyFocus work in recent days has revealed a nasty bug in XFT in
by forcing me to test twm in usage patterns I never had, and this bug
came up only accidentally as an unexpected side effect.

SloppyFocus is now integrated and behaves in principle as if one had
executed f.focus every time one enters a client window, but it is done
automatically if "SloppyFocus" is in the .twmrc.  So this feature is
something like autofocus, and as a side effect of the current
implementation the manual focus by manually executing f.focus doesn't
work in this only case any more for now as it has used to.  Nevertheless
in my honest opinion SloppyFocus is the most revolutionary feature in
twm next to xft :-)  and in the future one can add something like
f.sloppyfocus anytime to dynamically toggle this during runtime if it
appears making sense.  In short, what to do with this issue I have no
constructive plan now and would be glad to consider any idea or suggestion.

A thank you I owe to Ed Schouten for allowing to reuse his asterisk "*"
and autowarp-on-map features which both have proved very useful.  The
"*" feature could be advanced to some reasonable wildcard support one
day (if I only had time to deal with it).  The full-featured regular
expression support at that point for client windows specification makes
probably not that much sense, as this list management has to be very
speedy, and always evaluating general regular expressions on frequent X
events therefore is not a good idea.

All in all, for all twm users I am happy if you don't mind to test this
patchset as attached here;  the  ""  should automatically
download twm sources and the patchset and compile a binary for you.
Have fun!


    Eeri Kask
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