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Jerome Glisse glisse at
Fri Nov 30 04:15:21 PST 2007

On Fri, Nov 30, 2007 at 12:02:53PM +0000, José Fonseca wrote:
> I also agree that spam on is getting out of hand. But 
> if we're moving to a new engine, it should be one that prevents spam more 
> efficiently, and ikiwiki it's still not there yet (
> ~joey/blog/entry/ikiwiki_and_spam/).
> From my POV, to prevent spam you need to have CAPTCHAS. Some CAPTCHAS 
> might be difficult to read (I actually has issues with some color 
> shades), but spam hurts much more my eyes :).
> can list all wikis that support CAPTCHAS (http://
> WikiMedia has a CAPTCHA plugin. 
> WikiMedia has also the advantage that its so commonplace that the syntax 
> is familiar to most. (Although I agree PHP is not a nice language).
> MoinMoin also seems to implement something like Captchas on version 1.6
> . MoinMoin is in Python and is 
> very easy to hack (the one on dri.f.o actually has some custom plugins). 
> Also we do have all our content in MoinMoin.
> What a about give MoinMoin 1.6 a try? I can volunteer to try that on 
> dri.f.o
> José

Posibility to use git to edit the wiki is a killer feature from my POV.
This means one can work on the wiki while not having internet connectivity
and often when you are in such situation you are ready to do crazy
things like improving a wiki :).

Also i think that MoinMoin might be a bit too resource hungry as it's
using python but fdo admin could comment on that point i guess.

Jerome Glisse

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