FW: question about running firefox without Xorg and desktopsoftware

walter harms wharms at bfs.de
Fri Nov 30 09:09:27 PST 2007

郭哲君 (chechun_kuo) wrote:
> Deal Daniel:
> Do you mean the layout below is not correct?
>        FIREFOX
>  -------------------------   
>        Gtk+directFB 
> Originally I thought GTK+directFB will successfully replace KDE, or some window manager,+Xorg.
> Is there something necessary for Firfox working on Xorg?
> Appreciate your help,
> cckuo

you can simply do a ldd over your firefox binary. It should show you every
lib needed. The mnost easy thing is to start with your destop computer
und start a second X (e.g. X :1) and then start firefox -display :1.
This will give you an impression what it may look like.

If you do not need the dynamic Xlibs you may consider static linking,
creating a HUGE binary but that WILL show what your need


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