Using Eclipse for Xorg/DRI development

José Fonseca jrfonseca at
Fri Nov 30 15:39:47 PST 2007

I've never learned to use Emacs. I love vim, but it doesn't scale for
me when editing more than three files at the same time or projects
with more than one directory. After two years using Eclipse for Python
and Windows C++ development, I've been using almost exclusively
Eclipse for Xorg/Mesa/DRI development during the last three months.

I think Eclipse is really a pleasant development environment:
- it has a good code navigator, which is also fast (they used
Mozilla's source tree as a benchmark)
- excellent support for remote debugging (embedded companies are major
contributors to Eclipse, since almost every embedded SDK nowadays is
based on it)
- it rarely stands it the way (e.g., it integrates with any build
system from autotools to hand written shell scripts, you still have
the power of regular expression at your finger tips, etc.).

Also, the CDT (the C/C++ Plugin for Eclipse) folks are now actively
working to get Eclipse not only to debug remote applications, but also
build remotely, which will greatly simplify testing on multiple
software/hardware configurations.

The thing I miss the most is git integration. Of course, it is
advisable to have a big screen and lots of memory.

If anybody is interested, I've wrote some instructions to get you
started on


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