AMD Chipset matrix?

Luc Verhaegen libv at
Mon Oct 1 04:00:26 PDT 2007

On Sun, Sep 30, 2007 at 10:35:18AM -0600, Chad wrote:
> Hello!
> Assuming we have working drivers relatively soonish with the new AMD
> chips, will there be (or is there) a matrix of which drivers it is
> that will be supported?  I'm wondering where the cutoff is for the old
> chips that won't be supported (at first) and which chips will be ready
> to use in a production machine.  More specifically, will the AMD 690G
> be supported?
> And is there any estimated timeline for when (of course, assuming a
> positive on the if) it will be supported for use on multimedia apps
> such as MythTV and Xine.
> Thanks!
> -Chad

Hi Chad,

We know that the rs690 is very much an r5xx modesetting wise, and we 
have the hardware sitting here and waiting for us to finally get to. I 
hope to see this happen towards the end of this week.

Support for hw video overlays is possible, as the documentation is 
available, but once again, this is an issue of time and this is 
sheduled after the more important modesetting work.

So while we don't support the rs690 family yet, this will soon happen, 
you can count on that, you just need to be slightly patient. I've been 
waiting to install this cute hardware too for about a week now :)


Luc Verhaegen.
SUSE/Novell X Driver Developer.

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