How to compile a selected subset of xorg?

Dimitry Golubovsky golubovsky at
Tue Oct 2 04:22:31 PDT 2007


I'm curious if anybody has tried the following:

There are 83 .pc files in the xorg source tree, each containing lines like this:

Requires: xcb xcb-render xcb-shape

It must be possible to process them all, then build a (perhaps
approximate) dependency matrix. Then if one wants to build only
certain components, all dependencies could be pulled from such matrix.
Some manual additions may be needed (as certain dependencies are
defined via autoconf), but not many.

This shouldn't be a hard task; I'm going to try it some time, but if
anybody had done this, I'd like to know to avoid duplication of


On 10/1/07, Peter Hutterer <mailinglists at> wrote:
> Fulko Hew wrote:
> > In the end, I only really needed 17 pieces of the tree to get _my_
> > requirements met.
> can you post these 17 pieces to the list and/or the wiki. this question
> is recurring, so giving people a sane starting point seems like a good idea.
> Cheers,
>    Peter

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