NDISWrapper and Kensington Expert Mouse Driver -- Possible Solution?

Donald Hellen donald.hellen at gmail.com
Wed Oct 3 18:41:10 PDT 2007

I was reading my Ubuntu Linux Bible in the networking section since I want
to have my laptop and Desktop Ubuntu computers be able to share files and
printing across the network. I'm not there yet but before I wiped the laptop
drive clean of Windows, I got to the point where I could print over the
network through my desktop computer. I couldn't share files, though, and no
one could help me. But I'm running Linux on both systems now, only one
Windows laptop (my wife's) connected to the home wireless network, and I can
probably figure that out.

What I came across was the subject of using NDISWrapper for using Windows
network car drivers with Linux. I think NDISWrapper was originally used for
other "Windows-friendly" hardware with no Linux support to e able to be used
in Linux.

So my next thought was, can I use NDISWrapper to make the Kensington Expert
Mouse driver work in Linux, or will it hose the system since there is
already mouse support built into Linux and I'd have two different drivers
trying to do their thing?

Is this do-able or a definite no-no? I don't want to hose the system and
make it difficult or impossible to fix.
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