NDISWrapper and Kensington Expert Mouse Driver -- Possible Solution?

Gabriel C nix.or.die at googlemail.com
Wed Oct 3 20:20:46 PDT 2007

Donald Hellen wrote:
> I was reading my Ubuntu Linux Bible in the networking section since I want
> to have my laptop and Desktop Ubuntu computers be able to share files and
> printing across the network. I'm not there yet but before I wiped the laptop
> drive clean of Windows, I got to the point where I could print over the
> network through my desktop computer. I couldn't share files, though, and no
> one could help me. But I'm running Linux on both systems now, only one
> Windows laptop (my wife's) connected to the home wireless network, and I can
> probably figure that out.
> What I came across was the subject of using NDISWrapper for using Windows
> network car drivers with Linux. I think NDISWrapper was originally used for
> other "Windows-friendly" hardware with no Linux support to e able to be used
> in Linux.
> So my next thought was, can I use NDISWrapper to make the Kensington Expert
> Mouse driver work in Linux, or will it hose the system since there is
> already mouse support built into Linux and I'd have two different drivers
> trying to do their thing?
> Is this do-able or a definite no-no? I don't want to hose the system and
> make it difficult or impossible to fix.

Ndiswrapper won't work but maybe try this :


or this :




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