Question on Dual-Head/TwinView Configuration with intel/i810 driver

Chase Douglas chasedouglas at
Thu Oct 4 11:23:02 PDT 2007

Michael Duelli wrote:
> Colin Guthrie schrieb:
>> Michael Duelli wrote:
>>> yes, this is the official manual. It describes only a bigdesktop 
>>> solution, but not how to configure TwinView :-)
>> AFAIK, "TwinView" is the name nvidia gave to their Xinerama-esque
>> implementation so it wont be available in any other driver other than
>> nvidia.
>> What do you want to do? Are you looking to have two separate display
>> numbers (e.g. DISPLAY=0.1 and DISPLAY=0.2?) and not be able to drag
>> windows between them (although let the pointer move between them)?
> The only thing that I am missing is maximizing windows on the two 
> screens separately. With the usual bigdesktop configuration, a maximized 
> window will have the size 2560x1024 for me.
> I would really like to have it maximized at 1280x1024 within the screen 
> that I clicked on it.
> Dragging windows between the two screen should be still possible, of course.

I also run Gentoo and have no issues with xinerama, but have seen this 
before. The one gotcha is that you need to enable the xinerama USE flag. 
Make sure it is in /etc/make.conf so it's used for every build. You can 
check if you currently have it enabled in your installed packages by 
running "equery u <package>". Try gtk+ or qt if you like. You should see 
it marked with two "+" symbols in front.

If xinerama doesn't show with "+"'s, add it to the USE var in 
/etc/make.conf and issue "emerge --newuse world" along with whatever 
other emerge flags you normally use. This will make sure that all the 
packages have xinerama support.


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